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  • Why Hoosier Athletic Club Is Ranked One Of The Best Gyms In Bloomington IN


When you sign up for a consult, we don’t care if you haven’t been exercising lately.  We don’t care if you   have past experience lifting. This is our full-time passion, and we are ready for you!  

Why Us?

Why Hoosier Athletic Club?

  • You want a fitness routine where you won’t get bored, then quit.
  • You’ve often wished for a coach to give you attention for safety and encouragement.
  • You want one place, just 3+ days a week to meet ALL your physical needs.

 We know starting something new can be intimidating.  But, our core values have created an culture that’s designed to challenge you, yet meet you at your current level of fitness.

Our Core Values


Do you like to train alone? Do you get jealous of other’s victories? Do you need to be the best in the room? Welp, this may not be the gym for you.

Our community is best suited for those who have team-spirit and helps others feel supported, valued, & welcome in our environment. Being humble and coachable will help you embrace the community at large.


Did you see CrossFit on TV and think “I can do that”? Are you hoping to be the best in the gym? Do you feel like you don’t need to work on the “little things”?

You’re going to establish baselines in strength, conditioning, & range of motion. Our 10 years of experience has developed measured performance based testing that will help us guide you in your readiness to learn higher level skills, increase weights in a workout, or increase intensity in a workout.

We will always emphasize that you move well consistently over a period of time before you should increase weights or intensity.


Accountability has to do with what is in our control and accepting consequences when you couldn’t commit to the responsibility.

We want you to hold yourself accountable to our values, your personal goals, and what you need in your life to empower you. Hold yourself accountable to your victories AND downfalls; learn from them to be better tomorrow.


CrossFit movements derive from sport culture. There are rules for every single movement & workout, and these rules help measure your fitness level. It feels bad to finish last in a workout or feel like you’re not as strong as others, but cheating to hide behind your true fitness level doesn’t fit our values.


No matter how fit you think you are, no one joins CrossFit “Fit.” There will be a learning curve, and there will be times you’re going to want to give up. Be patient with yourself, and allow your classmates to cheer you on if you’re the last to finish. Show up the next day, and keep your routine to get the results you want.

This video was created to announce the Hoosier Athletic Club as the new home of Hoosier CrossFit.

We’ve been serving the Bloomington community for 10 years. Here’s our story!


In 2007, Shaun was introduced to CrossFit by a personal trainer at a local 24-hour gym in Lawrenceburg, a small town outside of Cincinnati. CrossFit was a program that you didn’t want to keep to yourself because of the variety and intensity. CrossFit.com was the only resource for programming, methodology, and movement instruction, and he absorbed all there was to offer to ensure he followed the program safely, as well as learn how to help teach others.


In January of 2009, Jenna had just graduated at Indiana University with a Bachelors of Science in Education and began joining Shaun at the 24-hour gym. When summer came around, they invited friends and co-workers to park workouts. It was so successful they opened CrossFit on the River in September 2009. After a year of working regular jobs full time, plus coaching before and after work, it was on their hearts to move to Bloomington, Shaun’s hometown, and commit to CrossFit full time, and start up Hoosier CrossFit


The very first On Ramp started with 4 members. On Ramps sold out and membership grew to 150+ members. The culture in the gym was starting to take shape: community, quality, accountability, integrity, & diligence became important values for years to come.


This is the year that Hoosier CrossFit became one of many programs at the Hoosier Athletic Club. Moving forward our focus was to provide inclusive services for all levels, all abilities within our Longevity program for ages 50+, QuickFit program for members new to CrossFit, and 6-week focus courses to hone in on specialized strength, conditioning, or skills.



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