CrossFit Stories

John Lee

Photo. I have been a “CrossFitter” for  three years – the longest continuous period I have ever committed to an exercise  program.  I am at...
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Collin T.

In the pursuit of becoming the best athlete possible, I had tried it all.  I spent countless hours running sprints with a parachute attached, pushing...
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Luke M.

I have always been into athletics and therefore fairly fit.  However, my fitness went from one end of the spectrum to the other.  I would...
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Heather R.

This past Thanksgiving my twin sister, Jenny, brought home her boyfriend, Anthony (a CrossFit trainer out in Kansas City, MO), and initially introduced me to...
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Jen R.

I initially became aware of CrossFit through everyone’s preferred voyeuristic medium, Facebook.  A childhood friend of mine started CrossFitting at her local affiliate, and I...
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Andy W.

My story begins with Pam coming home and talking all about strange things like burpees and box jumps and how supportive everyone one was. I...
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