Wonder Women of CrossFit

About Wonder Women of CrossFit

The Wonder Women of CrossFit is an empowering all-female fitness Competition hosted by Hoosier CrossFit at the Hoosier Athletic Club in Bloomington, Indiana.  Find a partner and select one of 3 divisions!


The divisions below is not a final, nor inclusive, list of movements. Competitions are designed to expose your weaknesses. If you can do a majority of the movements,  challenge yourself within that division. 
  • Weights & skills represent what athlete should be able to do for multiple reps.
  • Check with your coach or contact [email protected] if you aren’t sure what division you are.


This division is for those who train to compete.  
Clean and Jerk 95#
KB/DB clean & S-OH – 50#
Snatch 95
KB/DB sntach – 35#
Shoulder to Overhead 95#
Deadlift 155#
Box Jumps 20″
Toes to Bar
Chest to bar
Kipping Handstand pushup
DumbBell 35-50#
Muscle ups: can do 1 at a time, or string multiples together
Deficit kip or strict handstand pushups: can do 1 at a time, or string multiples together


Designed for those who Rx some/most/all workouts. This person can do RX, maybe you string together loads/skill the whole workout, or maybe you end up doing singles – that’s ok!  If you can do everything on this list but double-unders, you will be too advanced for scaled. 
Clean and Jerk 65
KB/DB clean and S-OH:35#
Snatch 65
KB/DB snatch: 20#
Shoulder to Overhead 65#
Deadlift 115#
Box Jumps 20″
Toes to Bar
Chin over the bar kipping pullups
Hand-Release toe pushup


This division is designed for those who scale most/all daily workouts – not to be confused with “new to CrossFit.” This person may be RX strong, but struggles with technique and all things gymnastics. OR, This person may excel with bodyweight gymnastics, but cannot perform RX weight/barbell skills. 
Clean & Jerk 45#
KB/DB clean & S-OH: 20#
Snatch 45
KB/DB sntach: 20#
Shoulder to Overhead 45#
Deadlift 75#
Box Steps or Jumps to 20″
Hanging knee raise
Ring Rows
Hand release knee pushups

About Registration

1. The captain and partner must be of equivalent divisions.

Sometimes, an advanced athlete wants to pair with a scaled athlete for moral support and having fun, but in a competition setting, it’s our mission to help everyone have an equal opportunity to reach the podium.  An advanced athlete may not partner with a scaled athlete and participate in the scaled division. Please check with your coach to ensure you’re signing up for the appropriate division. If event administrators determine that you’re too advanced for your division, we reserve the right to forfeit your place on the podium.

2. Registration requires details for both partners

A)EMAIL ADDRESS to receive updates from event staff

B) T-SHIRT size (registrations within 2 weeks of the event will not receive a tee shirt)

3. No Refunds

In the event you or your partner cannot attend, you can transfer your sport to another person or team.  Email [email protected]:

1) new name(s)
2) email addresses of your new partner or the new team
3) tee sizes if we have not made the order. (2 weeks prior to the event)

Workout Releases

The workouts and heat timeline will be directly emailed to the athletes. Stay in touch on instagram.com/hoosierevents or www.facebook.com/hoosiereventsatHAC 

TEE SHIRT DEADLINE: 2 weeks prior to the the event. We will not be ordering extras.

Workout Release 1: 4 weeks prior to the event
Workout Release 2: 3 weeks prior to the event
Workout Release 3: 2 weeks prior to the event (& tee shirt deadline)
Floater Release: Week of the event
Heat assignment and timeline will be emailed and posted to facebook the night before.


2019 Wonder Women of CrossFit podium Athletes