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The CrossFit Methodology

When you go to the gym and ask people what it means to be fit, no one’s really sure.  An average gym-goer participates in exercise they like or know how to do, and avoids everything else (sometimes that’s the safe option!).  But instead of going to one gym for strength, another studio for cardio, and have a separate membership to improve flexibility…That can get costly and inefficient for a busy schedule.

Attend classes just 3 classes a week for at least 1 training cycle, and we promise you will improve in all areas of fitness. 

Step 1: Schedule a free consultation

You have goals! We wouldn’t be great coaches if we didn’t learn about them!  We’ll, also, describe our unique training methods and getting-started experience for all new members. 

Step 2: Enroll in On Ramp

On Ramp is a pre-requisite of 6 private training sessions prior to attending Hoosier CrossFit classes. If you have a grasp on our training methods, have seen our membership policies & community standards, and ready to get STARTED, enroll below and a coach will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your sessions.

New member appointments, including On Ramp, must be complete by December 14, 2020.
New Enrollments will resume January 14, 2021. 

What makes Hoosier CrossFit classes Unique?

During On Ramp, you will have tested a few strength & conditioning benchmarks.  Benchmarks are used to scale daily CrossFit classes workouts to establish safe training practices and begin setting measurable fitness goals. 

We train for 10 weeks: Expect the workouts to vary. Monday may be only strength, no conditioning. Tuesday may be anaerobic conditioning, just a 5-10 minute intense workout.  Wednesday may be 18+ minutes to improve steady-state conditioning.  Each week the stimulus and muscle groups change.    Attend any 3 days, never avoiding your fears and weaknesses. We guarantee progress. 

Then testing begins:  All training stops in CrossFit classes for 2 weeks to conduct new baseline testing, 12 different skills, strength, and conditioning tests will be performed.   Testing is an essential part of providing safe training practices. It’s never about judging you or circumstances that may have interrupted a consistent routine.  Testing helps us ensure you’re scaling workouts based on your current level of fitness from measurable data. 

If you have CrossFit experience, and looking to a join a new gym, set up a Free No Sweat Intro to discuss your steps  for getting-started. 




While CrossFit is an affiliation, vs. a franchise; workouts are not supplied by CrossFit Headquarters and each affiliate has the freedom to operate their gym as they see fit. Shaun, owner of Hoosier Athletic Club and head coach, has over 13 years of experience with coaching and programming as well as continuing education and research.


YIKES. That’s a loaded question, but as a general rule of thumb:

1. start exercising with us for at least 3 days a week for at least 3 months. Our goal for you isn’t to get life-changing results in 3 weeks – rather, we’d rather you lose 1lb a week for sustainable progress over many weeks.

2. At the start of your journey with us, set up a free nutrition consultation with Coach Clint. Focus on small daily changes that can lead to big goals and lifestyle changes.

3. Sleep: you need to get 7+ hours of sleep with a consistent schedule.

4. hydrate: drink a gall of water, daily.

5. Stress less: what are your triggers? Work towards staying away from social media that triggers you, focus on what’s in your control and change what’s possible, and let go of what isn’t. Seek help when stress interferes with your health.

If i'm trying to lose weight, should I come to only cardio days?

Picking and choosing days you think you should come to is setting yourself up for failure within CrossFit training.

You chose us because you wanted to get results – now trust us. Choose any 3 days in 1 week – commit for a full training cycle. If you need additional help or have questions, we’re here to help! Set up a time to talk with a coach.


HCF couldn’t have developed a great reputation and have become a successful small business f we didn’t take care of our members.

1. During On Ramp, expert coaches learn what your capable of through baseline strength and conditioning tests.

These tests aren’t to point you out or make you feel bad – it’s so we can help you get better RESULTS!

2. Every 10 weeks, we test again. We use the results to adjust how much weight you’re lifting, how much volume you’re doing. Regardless of beginner or advanced athletes, everyone’s workout is relative to their personal strength and conditioning associated with the tests from test week.



Arrive 5-10 minutes early to settle in and be ready for the coach to start class promptly on time. We expect you to introduce yourself to people you don’t know!! All you have to do is say, “Hi” and you’ve met a friend.


You are now giving undivided attention to your coach.

He/She is an expert and has a plan to ensure everyone is safe, knows what they are doing at all times, and that you have a successful workout.

5-15 minutes in length. We will include movements that increase your heart rate as well as add dynamic stretching components to prepare you for the workout.


Deep tissue mashing and stretching will help you increase range of motion and get you into better movement positions that will help you move efficiently and safely.


Quality is what we’re known for. The coaches will review all the movements in the workout and help you scale the workout to your fitness level.

Before/After 10 week training cycles, we test and re-test your strengths and skills with assessments. The assessments help us make sure that you’re scaled appropriately, relative to your individual fitness level.


Coach Shaun programs all HCF workouts; they are programmed precisely for the members in our gym to improve strength and conditioning.

Show up at least 3 days a week to get the results you want.

Commit to at least a full training cycle of 8-12 weeks to see and feel your results. (nutrition plays a key role in the effectiveness in your training).

Your coach isn’t a leader, and we aren’t exercising, we’re training. You’re going to participate in highly technical skills at high intensity or high volume and the coach is the END ALL when it comes to keeping you safe – in other words – big egos will not be tolerated!


You are on a team with your classmates, and you stay together until everyone’s done.

The coach will provide flexibility for post-workout cool down.

Constantly Varied

High Intensity

Functional Movement

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