More Ways to Train

Customized workout plan

Group training is perfect if your goals are broad and general, but if you’re a professional athlete, training for a specific event, or looking to improve in a particular area of training, then we excel at writing programming!

  • Submit a form for a free consult to learn about your goals.
  • Package begins with a 3-month commitment, then monthly renewing.
  • Receive 1 week of new programming each week. 

Check out Cody’s video to see how pro-athletes train!

Private Training

We’ve found that private training is best suited for those who have limited time available for group training, have specific needs and modifications due to injury, inactivity, or post-surgery rehabilitation, etc.  

Our coaches thoughtfully create a workout experiences with 30 minute, 45 minute and 60 minute options with 10% discounts for monthly packages. All training sessions begin with a full body general warm up, flexibility, and skills development prior to starting the workout. 

6-Week Focus Courses

CrossFit is a program that integrates all traditional sports; it’s one of the reasons why our training can feel so defeating. There’s so much to learn, but you’re not expected to excel right away.  However, we’ve designed 6-week focus courses to enhance your training and improve in weak areas, or simply have fun doing something you love!  We offer the following courses throughout the year. See what’s up next in the “Events” tab in the mindbody schedule on your web browser. 

  • Weightlifting: breaking down the clean & jerk and snatch skills and integrating strength accessory work
  • Endurance: running, biking, and rowing are all on the table! You’ll learn proper running warm ups, drills & mechanics to reduce injuries, & improve your conditioning output. 
  • Gymnastics: get comfortable on the rings & paralettes, handstands and pullups! Gymastics skills will develop our comfort and upper body strength to feel empowered in our WODS!
  • Powerlifting/Strongman: lifting heavy and doing work with odd objects is the most fun you’ll ever have.  Walking with sandbags, using the fat bar, walking with the yokes on your back, and all in while getting strong within the squat, lift, and press, will set you up for a good time.



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