Friday August 6, 2021


Friday August 6, 2021

Teams of 3
AMRAP 20 min;
P1. Sled push 50m (25m out/25m back)
P2. Sandbag bear hug holds x as long as P1 takes to do TTB
P3. toes-bar/hanging knee raise x 10
*once ALL partners are done with their stations they rotate to the next..
sled push to sandbag, sandbag to ttb, ttb to sled push

Lvl6: sled 4×45/2×45, SB 150/125, TTB
Lvl5: sled 4×35/2×35, SB 125/100, TTH
Lvl4: sled 4×25/2×25, SB 100/75, TTC
Lvl3: sled 4×15/2×15, SB 75/50, TTH
Lvl2: sled 4×10/2×10, MB 30/20, HKR
Lvl1: sled 2×10/1×10, MB 20/14, situps

AMRAP 20 min:
farmers carry DB/KB 50m (25m out/25m back)
MB bear hug hold x :30 sec
10 x situps

Lvl3: KB/DB 35/25#, MB 30/20, straight leg situps
Lvl2: KB/DB 30/20#, MB 20/14, any situp
Lvl1: KB/DB 20/15#, MB 14/10, plank hold x :30