Handstand Hold

Begin in a circle in the middle of the room for Kick Up drills

  1. Starting position
    Stance: the strong leg (like the one you kick with) is leading in the front.
    Grip: arms extended next to ears, and land below the shoulders when lowered to the ground
  2. Leading legs bunny hops when hands hit the floor.
    Purpose: this teaches the sequence of movements, as well as maintaining an active upper body.
    Arms must remain straight, shoulders active, and just a little pop off the floor. Emphasize no going upside down. 
  3. Scissor Kick
    Purpose: this teaches a more complex jumping motion, and soft landing of leading leg 

    Continue to the wall for the next drill

  4. Kick up to the wall with buddy assist or independently
    Those who have never kicked up to the wall should be with the coach for buddy assist.
  5. Handstand hold on the floor with buddy assist or independently.


Handstand Walk

  1. Begin with Kick-up Drills (see above)

    At the box

  2. Fingtertip glide
    Purpose: the whole body is firm with active shoulders, moving as one unit side to side in the finger lift.
  3. Hand lift glide
    purpose: increased challenge from step 2 to ensure a firm body and active shoulders
  4. Walking side to side
    purpose: the motion of walking with the stability of the box; although side to side, 

    At the wall

  5. Downward dog hand lift
    purpose: increased challenge from step 3 to ensure a firm body and active shoulders
  6. Kick up hand lift
    purpose: increased challenge from step 4 to ensure a firm body and active shoulders
  7. Kick up to walk towards the wall: 1′, 2′, 3′ from the wall
    purpose: begin the walking progression towards the wall
  8. Kick up with buddy assist in the middle of the room.

Handstand Pushups

Circle up In the middle of the room 

  1. Starting position: down dog
    With the abmat long ways, place hands shoulder width at the edges. Starting in downward dog, you’re looking for the head through the arms and active shoulders
  2. Shoulder glide:
    Purpose: the head must glide in front of the fingertips before descent, and preparing for step 3. 
  3. Shoulder glide & lower to the mat
    Purpose: improve movement mechanics to use the strongest, most effective muscles.  You’re looking for the elbow to be directly over the wrist, and elbows close to the body.

    At the box

  4. Knee on box handstand pushups
    Purpose: increased difficulty from step 3. 
  5. Toe on box handstand pushups
    Purpose: increased difficulty form step 4. If step 3 was successful,  encourage to practice toes on the box to test strength.

    At the Wall

  6. kick up drill
    Purpose: emphasizing speed & hip extension & the power you need from your lower body. Sit 1′ from the wall and lay down. Extend legs to the highest reach on the wall, ensuring hips are open and a straight line from feet to hip to shoulders.
  7. 8″ handstand pushups drill
    Purpose: trainer led exercise in which 1-2 people will practice the kipping handstand pushups on cue.   Toes on the box participants may practice on the wall.