Hoosier Events

 It’s our mission to provide competitions that support the local athlete at any stage in their CrossFit journey, inclusive to all ages and abilities. Over the past 10 years, we’ve hosted over 25 events that have evolved into our 4 unique competitions below. 

We run on time, everytime

The heat assignments and timeline will be posted 12-24 hours prior to the event. There are 5 minutes between workouts, 10 minutes between division changes, and 20 minutes between WODs. If we’re running ahead of schedule, you will need to be ready to

The workouts & timeline are posted when we're ready

We consider how the 3 main workouts & floaters need to differ to test 10 physical skills, 3 metabolic pathways, and specific level of skills difficulty for the 4 unique competitions that we host.

We test the workouts to consider the stimulus, time caps, and make adjustments as needed.

We consider the flow & equipment from division transitions, and re-arrange division order if necessary.

We consider the movement standards, if a workout is easy to judge, how many judges are needed, and how we need to prepare the judges for the day-of event.

We won’t post a workout or a heat timeline until we’re 100% confident.

Contact us directly with questions, not social media

Social media is a great way for us to communicate in real-time, but questions will be answered in a timely manner when you email [email protected] Negativity/drama on social media will be deleted.

Registration is open for Wonder Women and Age group Invitational. 

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