John Lee


John Lee


I have been a “CrossFitter” for  three years – the longest continuous period I have ever committed to an exercise  program.  I am at my highest level of fitness and conditioning compared to any previous period in my life, which demonstrates that age should not be an excuse to avoid the goal of peak fitness.

There is no such thing as a “standard” CrossFit Gym.  I have found that each CrossFit Gym has its own strengths and personality, and drawbacks. It may be the caliber of trainers, the lack of sufficient space for their programs, the cleanliness of the facility, the monthly cost or the personality/culture of the gym – i.e. are they welcoming, supportive and committed to your success regardless of your skill and fitness level.
 I came to Hoosier CrossFit because I was losing interest in my other CrossFit gym. I had heard that HCF was committed to sound conditioning, personalized attention and a strong devotion to safe practice. In addition, the fact that the owners are on site is a big plus. Little did I know when I started HCF that my level of fitness and conditioning would accelerate so much in just 5 months!

Shaun and Jenna are a delight and superior trainers! They aren’t drill trainers  -they are serious about your improving your fitness while having fun., and above all, being safe.  They are clearly following their passion in creating HCF.  They have visited over 55 CrossFit Gyms around the world, and it is obvious how this has affected their programming.  There is not “One size fits all” at HCF – the daily Workouts (WODs) are challenging but tailored to the conditioning of each member. It is clear as the daily workouts are being introduced that HCF trainers make sure the weights and equipment are scaled to the current fitness needs of its members. There is no such thing as failure in this Gym – you are supported, encouraged and motivated to finish these workouts, even if you are the last one to finish.

I can’t say enough positive about this Gym – just ask its members!