“When you have planned and worked for a long time towards one specific event it can be hard to maintain impetus for training when it is all finally over and done with. The following information should help you and your athletes to stay motivated and train hard when you are back to reality!”
Maintaining Motivation Throughout The Season


4:15pm class has some pretty awesome handstands

A. 3 sets of:
Push Press x 8-10 reps @ light-mod load 50-70%
Rest 30 seconds
Plank hold x 60 sec.
Rest 30 seconds
Turkish Get-Up x 2 reps each arm
Rest 30 seconds

B. 10 min total, 5 min per piece, 2-3 people per team
1 min sled push, P1 pushes down, P2 pushes back, P3 pushes down…
1 min box jumps for reps (20,24”) individual