Session 7: This will be an 8 week cycle emphasizing strength biased days (squat, pull, push) along with speed strength- olympic lifts and heavier metcons: read more here.  While still concentrating on strength, the core workouts will be couplets and triplets producing better GPP: read more here.  Each week will have 1 longer (15+ min) workout that will be a team style workout with 2-4 people working together to accomplish the task.

Oct. 26- Nov. 1 Week 1. Test week.
*Due to the mulitiple strength pieces we will be using the entire week for testing specific pieces on Mon/Wed/Fri.

Dec. 7-13 Re-test week.

Dec. 14-20 Deload-speed week.

A. Back Squat 5×3 building to find your 3rm for today.
*after warmups, goal would be to finish at 85% or above of your 1 rm.
loading for working sets would look something like this:
1. 65% 2. 70-75% 3. 75- 80% 4. 80-85% 5. 85%+

B. Accumulate 4 Minutes Of L Hangs Every Time You Beak Perform 10 Superman Rocks