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Monday May 23-29 (Test week)- July 11-17 (re-test week)
The 4th cycle, 8 weeks, of 2016 will be geared towards traditional CrossFit- General Physical Preparedness, with 2 specific strength days mixed in with squatting and olympic lifts. We will follow a 5 on-2 off schedule, with Saturdays as fun team WODs at 11am.

We will continue with team workouts once per week on rotating days and an integration of sled work and odd object (tires/sandbags) sprinkled in. The template encourages new skill development, generates unique stressors, crosses modes, incorporates quality movements, and hits all three metabolic pathways. It does this within a framework of sets and reps and a cast of exercises that CrossFit has repeatedly tested and proven effective.

1-2 days per week will also have core accessory work for post workout.

Full details and info on GPP:

Session 4.
Week 1/8.
Week 1 will have 3 separate test days, making sure to test each component of a well rounded athlete. Monday will be single modality endurance, Wednesday will be classic CF triplet in the 8-12 min range, and Friday will be a test of leg strength with squatting.

5k Run *scale to 5k row if needed.
*beginning and ending at HCF, running south on the B-line trail, continue running south over the grimes street bridge, passing CFB, turn around at the end of the next warehouse building past CFB building (half way mark) POST #31 and return to HCF.
*compare to July 13 & June 1, 2015.

May 23, 2016 IMG_0098