Bar Muscle Ups

1. Jump to hollow
Purpose: This focuses on a foundation of body awareness, stability and strength.

2. Beat swing
The purpose: when the body begins to move, ensure the hollow and arch are in tact.  The shoulder joint is relaxed, but the arms remain extended, not bent, & when the butt, legs, and core are tight the hips are upward in the up swing for improved power and efficiency.

3. Barbell glide & 4. Banded glide
The barbell glide is a sub-skill for the banded glide, emphasizing engaged lat pull with straight arms, and engaged lower half. Then to be applied to the banded swing. The focus of the banded swing is to get the hips to the bar without pulling the upper arms. 

5. Jumping muscle up test & jumping muscle up
The test is to determine who should continue to move onto the next skills. If the athlete can jump to hip, then the jumping bar muscle up can be attempted. The focus of the jumping bar muscle up is speed, a quick action.

6. Banded bar muscle up.

All the progressions can help an ordinary person do extraordinary things.