Rope Climbs

Spanish Wrap

Clamping Drills

A box is next to each rope

  1. Hang Test:
    From the floor (not the box), dominant hand above the other and lift feet to test if they can hang for at least :05. 
  2. Wrap
    Standing on the box (more rope than from the ground to improve effectiveness), dominant leg comes around the outside, toe up & jiggle to tighten around the leg, knee above hip crease. This step can be on it’s own for larger classes, or classes with newer members or combined with step 3. for small classes, or classes where most have done the rope climb skills day. 
  3. Clamp
    Wrap, then grip overhead, then clamp on top of the foot, then extend leg into “L”.  Emphasize not to stand or climb, yet.  This is just establishing tightness around the leg.
  4. Clamp, stand, lower & sit
    Repeat step 3, but after the “L”, hips to rope, hand over hand into full extension, then hand under hand until seated in a squat. 
  5. Rope Climb free time.
    Show the spanish wrap one more time, reiterating the only thing that is different, is having a great grip while unclamping for the next rep. 


Level 6: legless
Level 5: floor to 15′
Level 4: floor to 12′
Level 3: box to 12′
Level 2: rope lower
Level 1: rope lower to box

If athlete was able to accomplishing Level 3+, determine if it was completed with confidence or not.  If not, they should do lowers in the workout.  If yes, they can do that level in the workout.  If the workout is emphasizing skill development, for example a 1 minute emom, suggest they do one a minute, instead of max reps to ensure their safety and workout stimulus.

  1. Begin with Kick-up Drills (see above)

    At the box

  2. Fingtertip glide
    Purpose: the whole body is firm with active shoulders, moving as one unit side to side in the finger lift.
  3. Hand lift glide
    purpose: increased challenge from step 2 to ensure a firm body and active shoulders
  4. Walking side to side
    purpose: the motion of walking with the stability of the box; although side to side, 

    At the wall

  5. Downward dog hand lift
    purpose: increased challenge from step 3 to ensure a firm body and active shoulders
  6. Kick up hand lift
    purpose: increased challenge from step 4 to ensure a firm body and active shoulders
  7. Kick up to walk towards the wall: 1′, 2′, 3′ from the wall
    purpose: begin the walking progression towards the wall
  8. Kick up with buddy assist in the middle of the room.