Saturday and Sunday


Saturday and Sunday

Sat. May 7.
8-10a: Open gym.
10a. Olympic Lifting
workout: Snatch Push Press + Overhead Squat – 70% (of sn or ohs) x 5+1, 75% x 5+1, 80% x 5+1, max 5+1
Power Snatch – 70% x 3, 75% x 3, 80% x 3, 3RM
Post: Snatch High-Pull – 75% (of sn) x 3 x 3, 80% x 3 x 2

11a. Team WOD

Today we will be celebrating Mothers Day with WOD 4 of The CrossFit Games Regionals. Mothers have to go through a surreal amount of pain to officially become a mother; therefore this WOD should be no match for the moms at HCF! Our world would be a better place if it were full of healthy and fit mothers like You! Happy Mothers Day HCF Moms!

WOD 4 Regionals
Teams of 2, split work however
100 Wallballs (14-9′, 20-10′) *scale weight/height as needed.
100 C2B Pull-Ups *scale to pullups/body rows as needed.
100 Pistols (single legged squats-alternating) *scale to box or air squats as needed.
100 DB/KB Snatches (70, 50) (alternating arms) *scale weight/CJ as needed.

25 minute cap (add one second to the total time for every rep not completed under the time cap)

Sun. May 8. Rest Day! (Mothers Day)

Mothers Day