Sports Performance


Since the first CrossFit Games in 2007, skills are tougher, weights are heavier, and the competition is greater. CrossFit affiliates around the globe host competitions, as do we 3 times a year. Events can be designed for beginners, teens, masters, teams of 2-10, and elite level athletes. The design of a workout is infinite. You must be ready for the unknown and unknowable. Generally, 3-6 workouts test your strength, conditioning, stamina, agility, balance, power, speed, coordination, accuracy, flexibility by incorporating movements that derive from power lifting, olympic lifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, endurance, and more.


Sports Performance isn’t just for great athletes, it’s for athletes with heart. How hard are you willing to work to reach your potential?  You need to show up for your teammates every day, practice relentless determination, and be the athlete that represents the values of Hoosier CrossFit.

Is there something holding you back from passing the physical test? Contact us to coordinate a personal workout plan or private training session to improve skills, strength, flexibility, or conditioning.






  • Warm up: arrive early and complete a full-body warm up independently.
  • Skills: at this level, skill training is reserved for higher level skills like muscle ups, olympic lifting, atlas stones, fat bars, and more.
  • Workout: Most workouts you should be able to accomplish as RX, and challenged to 1-3 workouts in one session.
  • Recovery: proper cool downs, nutrition, water, and sleep are essential to helping you develop safely as an athlete.

Before being considered to join the Sports Performance class, you must complete the following tasks in one training session.

Overhead squat: .75 bodyweight
Shoulder press: Male .75 bodyweight/Female .65 bodyweight
Yoke Carry: Male 100#/Female 60#
Pistols: 5 per leg
Handstand hold: 60 Seconds against the wall
Double-under: 50 unbroken
Bear complex: Male 115#/Female #75
Jackie: time cap – Male 10 minute/ Female 12 minute

  • Sports Performance Membership is $169
  • Monthly Membership is charged on the 1st of each month
  • Membership changes are made on the rates/policies page. Submit a cancel or change at least 1 week before the automatic transaction that takes place on the 1st of the following month. If it is January 30th, and you submit a cancellation for an auto-payment that would process on February 1st, you did not cancel in time. You will be charged for February, and the auto-payment in March will be canceled.
  • Unused class credits do not roll over into the next month and we do not refund unused classes.

The Sports Performance class meets at 7:15pm on T/Th and Saturdays at 8am. On the other days you can sign into any general CrossFit Class on the schedule. Accessory work is additional strength and skill pieces to complete in addition to the workout of the day.

Monday: Attend general CrossFit class + additional accessory work

Tuesday: Attend Sports peformance class + accessory work

Wednesday: accessory work/active recovery or group class workout, depending on the weeks overall work volume.

Thursday: Attend Sports peformance class + accessory work

Friday: Attend general CrossFit class + additional accessory work

Saturday: Attend Sports Performance class + additional accessory work

Sunday: Complete recovery day with little to NO activity besides mobility.

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