Sunday Success Stories
+ todays happenings:

Today we are here to share the awesome success story of Haley B. who just finished our 6 week Paleo challenge last week and WON! We had a TON of awesome results from the whole crew who participated in this challenge; Haley accomplished the following during the 6 week challenge;

Fulfilled all 500 points available
Lost a total of 4 inches and 14 pounds
Gained 20 pounds on their overhead squat
Took 3:31 off of ‘backwards Jackie’
Won by 0.87 points! 
Takes home the grand prize of $350 cash!

2:30p: Yoga with Ellie.

“Don’t like what you see? Change your viewpoint. Be bold. Look at something through new eyes. Happy weekend, beautiful yogis!”-Ellie