Chest to Bar Pullups

Thursday, January 17

CrossFitFor time:30 medicine-ball cleans30 ring dips30 medicine-ball cleans30 chest-to-bar pull-ups30 medicine-ball cleans30 push-ups30 medicine-ball cleans QuickFit4 rounds of:400 meter row30 air squats

Monday 8/20

CrossFit 15-12-9 reps for time of: Sumo deadlift high pulls Chest-to-bar pull-ups Longevity 15-12-9 KB deadlift high pull Ring rows QuickFit Max reps at each...
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Monday 6/18

CrossFit: Team Workout AMRAP 20 minutes of: 5 pullups 10 wall-ball shots 15 american kettlebell swings *two person team, rotating every movement. Ex: P1 pullups....
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Monday 6/4

Michelle working on her Kipping Pull-up standards for today’s reverse Tabata. CrossFit: gymnastics/skill/asymmetry Skill: Pull-up/ CTB/ Bar Muscle Up A. Hollow Arch Swing: Beat Swing B....
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CF: 6-9-12-9-6 reps for time of: Burpees over the bar front squats (185/135) Chest-to-bar pull-ups *goal time frame should be sub 10 min. w/ 12...
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