Thursday July 29, 2021


Thursday July 29, 2021

20 min AMRAP in teams of 2
Backwards sled drag with straps 100m (50m out/50m back) *one partner works at a time, but can switch out whenever needed
tire flip 50m (25 out/25 back) *partners can help each other flip together

Lvl6: sled 4×45/2×45, big fat tire
Lvl5: sled 4×35/2×35, big fat tire
Lvl4: sled 4×25/2×25, next smallest tire
Lvl3: sled 4×15/2×15, next smallest tire
Lvl2: sled 4×10/2×10, next smallest tire
Lvl1: sled 2×10/1×10, smallest tire

20 min AMRAP in teams of 2
P1: back wards sled drag 50m (25m out/25m back)
P2: alt. side medball to shoulders 2/2 (4 total)

Lvl3: sled 45/25, MB 30/20
Lvl2: sled 35/15, MB 20/14
Lvl1: sled 25/10, MB 14/10