“Can you acknowledge that you, and you alone, are in the driver’s seat? Can you silence that inner voice and genuinely believe that each “failure” presents a new opportunity to dig in and overcome that obstacle? When you get kicked to the ground, do you get up because you have to or because you are hungry to regroup and move on to the next challenge?
A Case for the 11th Fitness Domain: Self-Confidence


A. Take 12-15 minutes to work on handstand kickup/hold progressions
kick up to handstands/ walk
*use mat and partner for spotter or wall

B. 12 min, 6 min per movement.
Partner Sled push/ Tire flip 2-3 person teams
1 min: Partners flip tire back and fourth 1 rep at a time
1 min: 1 partner pushes sled down, partner 2 pushes back, partner 3 pushes back down