“If CrossFit hasn’t taught us the power of communities, then I don’t know what will. What we know about communities is that they have the ability to make powerful changes in themselves and the world around them, and the fuel on which they burn is empathy.”
Empathy: The Crossfit Glue That Sticks

Coach Heather going over today's workout while the class performs some mobility

Coach Heather going over today’s workout while the class performs some mobility

A. 3 sets of:
Deadlift x 8-10 reps (increase weight each round but stay light, working speed and positioning)
rest 30 sec.
GHD or straight leg abmat sit-ups x 15-20
rest 30 sec.
5 x banded pass throughs, pull a parts, pull downs, pull togethers (EXTERNAL Rotation and GOOD movement)
Rest 30 sec.

B. Power clean skill work- hip/knee/floor

C. Every min on the Min: start light- go heavy
min 1-2: 5 power cleans
min 3-4: 4 power cleans
min 5-6: 3 power cleans
min 7-8: 2 power cleans
min 9-10: 1 power clean
Progressively heavier weights every 2 min building to a solid mod-heavy single.