“The concept of food as a treat is baked into our society. I’m not immune to this concept and, before I learned to love lifting iron for the sake of how it made me feel (versus the way it made me look), I was much more of an outcome-motivated gal. I was in that gym thinking that an extra set of this or more time doing that allowed me to eat more. I was earning my food in the gym. But those days are gone now.”
Don’t Earn Your Food in the Gym

Every 2min x 32 min.
(4 Rounds)

1. Sled Pushes:
light-moderate load walking pace, but moving the entire 2 min.

2. Crossover symmetry:
1-3 movements x 5-8 reps of each.

3. Unbroken Heavy Russian KB Swings:
30-45 seconds (fluid swings with each breath)
*walk remainder of 2 min.

4. Farmers Carry:
width of room, rest at each width of room- mod-heavy load KB.