Tuesday 3/13


Tuesday 3/13

The Burgener warm-up is completed before all Olympic lifting days! This series of movements warms up the body and prepares for the bar path during today’s snatches.

A. Snatch skill work
1. Burgener warm-up
2. positions-high hang + above knee
3. OHS + snatch balance
4. Snatch from high hang + snatch above knee
B. E90 sec x 15 min: Snatch from high hang (pockets) + snatch from above knee
*cannot drop bar between reps, can be power or full

AMRAP: 12 Min
12 Russian KB Swings
12 KB Goblet Squats
12 Burpees

Cover max distance in 20 min: Row
:30 at mod-hard pace/ :30 at easy