Tuesday July 5, 2022


Tuesday July 5, 2022

Main-Team Workout
AMRAP 20 min:
P1. Sled push 100m (50m out to black top line, 50m back)
P2. easy assault bike for recovery until P1 returns, then switch spots
*goal is to add weight each round onto sled and make the pushes challenging, but accomplishable.

Lvl6: 4×45/2×45
Lvl5: 4×35/2×35
Lvl4: 4×25/2×25
Lvl3: 4×15/2×15
Lvl2: 4×10/2×10
Lvl1: 4×5/2×5

Main- Team Workout
AMRAP 15 min;
P1. carry 100m
P2. plank hold while partner carries

Lvl3: 53/35#
Lvl2: 44/26#
Lvl1: 35/18#