Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Gymnastics ring work;
A. False grip
1. dead hang- staying in hollow position with feet under rings getting used to the feel of false grip
2. false grip ring row to arm pits
B. Bottom support hold
C. top support hold *spotter keeping rings close
1. false grip ring row + transition to bottom support hold
2. + press to top support
E. Put it all together; Ring thing/high rings using skills from above.
F. Reverse tabata :10 on : 20 off x 4 sets of each (6 min)
1. false grip ring row/pull to sternum
2. bottom support hold
3. top support hold

:20 on x :10 off x 3 rounds
1. 3 position bend and reach
2. bootstrappers
3. cossack squat

4-5 sets for quality/load:
10 DB front raise (light)
10 DB lateral raise (light)
10 each side DB bent over row (heavy)

Core Accessory
:20 x :10 x 8: deadbugs

Half saddle x 2 min each side