“At first we are blinded by our own optimism. When we lose our motivation we can see gaping holes in out plan. We can either get down on ourselves and give up, or we can use this negative emotion to discover our faults and correct them. After I pulled myself out of the motivational cellar, I went back to all the negatives thoughts I’d had and applied them. Having a pessimistic attitude opened my eyes. It made me realistic about my abilities and expectations. Emotional valleys bring us back to reality. Without them we’d be raving lunatics with unlimited self-confidence.”
Overcoming a Loss of Motivation

Weighted "Cindy" and kicking her butt!

Weighted “Cindy” and kicking her butt!

AMRAP 20 min:
‘Weighted Cindy’
5 pullups (strict /weighted) *difficult but not to failure
10 elevated pushups (feet on box)
15 squats holding bumper plate (25,45#)