Wednesday, May 6, 2020


Wednesday, May 6, 2020

A. Tempo Squats with increasing loads; here’s a few options
1. If you have a set of dumblells/weights, use them.
2. If you don’t, find a backpack, and add weight to it each set.


For example, on set 1, hold the bag or the dumbbells on your shoulders, count 5 seconds to the bottom of your squat, hold 3 seconds at the bottom, and speed out with a 1 second count on the way up. Do this 4 more times to complete the first set of 5.

Rest :60-:90, then increase weight for the next set. If you run out of weights, or it gets too heavy, that’s ok! Moving is key to your long-term wellness. Just finish up the workout!

B. Tabata Bicycle crunches :20 intense effort/:10 rest x 8 rounds

C. cool down stretch: hold pigeon pose 2 minutes per leg