Winter Rendezvous December 2, 2017


Winter Rendezvous December 2, 2017



Athletes from all over the midwest sign up for this highly anticipated event!  The Winter Rendezvous has sold out to 90 teams since 2012.  Athletes will compete in 3 workouts with the top 6 teams moving on to championship round. All athletes with a competitive edge and prescribed loads will benefit from this competition; top athletes will receive prizes from community sponsorships as well as a cash prize.  If you want to participate, but need to scale particular workouts, we’re happy to accommodate, but your score will not rank among RX participants.


Registration will open on October 3.
To receive an event tee, Register by November 20th on


** These movements are just examples and may NOT be used for the actual event.

Movement Male Standard Female Standard
Handstand Pushups Yes Yes
Toes To Bar Yes Yes
Pull Ups Yes Yes
Deadlift 255 lbs 155 lbs
Front Squat 185 lbs 115 lbs
Snatch 135 lbs 95 lbs
Clean & Jerk 185 lbs 115 lbs
Thruster 115 lbs 80 lbs
Misc. Movements Yes Yes