Workout, Happenings, and Updates at HOOSIER CROSSFIT


Friday May 24, 2024

CrossFit: Main- (if someone cannot make it Saturday for Murph, today is a makeup day to complete Murph!) Alt. Tabata :20x:10×8 (8 min) Toes-barbox jump/step

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Thursday May 23, 2024

CrossFit Main ‘DT’5 rounds for time:12 deadlifts9 hang power clean6 shoulder-overhead Lvl6: 155/105 ~60-70% of 1rm PPLvl5: 135/95Lvl4: 115/80Lvl3: 95/65Lvl2: 75/55Lvl1: 65/45

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Monday May 20, 2024

CrossFit: E5 min x 30 min (6 sets)5 strict pull-ups- as difficult as possible if it’s OKwith least assistance or most weight10 push-ups – as

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Wednesday May 15, 2024

CrossFit Main AMRAP 15 min;5 synchro toes-bar/hanging knee raise (synch happens at top)5 synchro box facing box jump overs (happens at floor- just like BFB)10

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Thursday May 9, 2024

CrossFit: Main: AMRAP 20 min:3 person groups;P1. 25′ back rack walking lunge ~50% of 1rm back squatP2. 25m out/25m back sled pushP3. Rest (switch out

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Tuesday May 7, 2024

CrossFit: Main: Cindy-ish’AMRAP 20 min:5 pullups (performed how you tested for test week)10 situps15 wallballs Lvl6/5: GHD situps, WB 20/14# 10/9′Lvl4/3: half GHD/range, WB 20/14,

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Friday May 3, 2024

Main PUMP day!E3min x 15 min (5 sets)5 barbell bench press @70-75%+ of 1rm PP4-6 strict pullup- add weight if possible (vary grip between wide/reg/narrow)10

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Tuesday April 30, 2024

(Murph Prep) CrossFit: Main;0-3 min: Row 500/400/300m *make these a mod-hard effort*rest remainder of 3 min3-6 min: AMRAP ‘Cindy’ *scale as you have been for

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Monday April 29, 2024

CrossFit: 3-4 person teams; AMRAP 20 min:P1. runs 300m/200mP2. AMRAP wallball until running partner returns, 1 person works at a time, rotate as neededP3. Rest

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Tuesday April 23, 2024

CrossFit:]A. Clean skill development; 3x each; B. Main strength E2:30MOM x 12:30 minpower cleandirectly into: 5 jump tall box jumps 0: 5x clean @35%5x jump

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Monday April 15, 2024

Test week 2 Test day 1 will be Monday/TuesdayTest day 2 will be Wednesday/ThursdayTest day 3 will be Friday/Saturday Test Day 4 CrossFit: Performed the

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Monday April 8, 2024

Re-test week 1 Test day 1 will be Monday/TuesdayTest day 2 will be Wednesday/ThursdayTest day 3 will be Friday/Saturday CrossFit: A. Back squat 1rm 20

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Monday April 1, 2024

CrossFit Main 2 person teams: AMRAP 18 min:Partners alternate each movement and rotate through for 18 min;10 toes-bar10 alt. arm DB snatch (5 each arm)

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Tuesday March 12, 2024

CrossFit Jackie’1000m. Row50 Thrusters30 pullups Level 6: 1000m. Row, 50 thrusters 45/45# thrusters- unassisted pullupsLvl5: 1000m. Row, 50 thrusters 45/35#, unassisted pullupsLvl4: 800m Row, 40

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Monday March 11, 2024

CrossFit: Main strength E3MOM x 15 minodd min: pushpresseven min: DB bent over rows* levels found below0: 5x pushpress @35%5x each side DB bent over

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Monday March 4, 2024

CrossFit WOD: teams of 2, I go/you go, each movement;AMRAP 20 min;2 wall climbs4 double DB thrusters8 box jump overs Flow;P1 performs 2 wallclimbs, P2

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Monday February 26, 2024

“Fight Gone Bad!” Three rounds of:Wall-ball, (Reps)Sumo deadlift high-pull, (Reps)Box Jump, (Reps)Push-press,(Reps)Row (Calories)Rest In this workout you move from each of five stations after a

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Friday February 23, 2024

CrossFit Main: 50-40-30-20-10 reps for time;Russian KB swings, situps Lvl6: KB 70/53#, GHDLvl5: KB 53/44#, 1/2 GHD, 1/2 abmatLvl4: KB 44/35#, straight leg abmatLvl3: KB

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Friday February 16, 2024

CrossFit:  A. Open 13.2 (with DT weight) AMRAP 10 min: 5 shoulder-overhead 10 deadlifts 15 box jump/step Lvl6/5: 155/105#, 24/20” jump or step Lvl4/3: 115/80#,

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