The ‘Position’: Bar Dips , Ring Dips
A. FIRST: show the ring dip, stationary dip, and box dip.

1. Box Dip: good posture, shoulders dip below elbow. 2-3 reps.
Move forward if proficient with Box Dip.

2. Straight bar:
A. static hollow body hold w/ external rotation. 2-3 rounds of a 10 second hold. Modification is having a box underneath the straight bar for raised floor.
If they cannot hold for 10 seconds, go back to box.

B. straight bar dip with press and needs more than green band

C. Straight bar dip with press and can use blue band or RX: practice 2-3 reps.
The dip should try to maintain external shoulders through the press into lock out.

3. Rings: static hollow body hold with external rotation (thumbs turned out at 11 & 1). 2-3 rounds of a 10 second hold.

4. ring dip with press (stay in hollow body) + pressing through with turn out as above. 2-3 rounds of 3 reps.*only allow a person to do ring dip or modified ring dip with band IF they can do a solid dip on bar with assistance & hold them selves on the static ring hold without failing.

B. EMOTM x 12 min:
odd: max dips in 30 sec.
even: 12 heavy russian swings (53/70#)