June 2012

Heather R.

This past Thanksgiving my twin sister, Jenny, brought home her boyfriend, Anthony (a CrossFit trainer out in Kansas City, MO), and initially introduced me to CrossFit. Before this, I was the typical 30 minutes on an elliptical while reading a magazine kind of girl (never again). He ended up taking us to the YMCA and […]

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Crystal T.B.

I was a thirty-something year old runner and in decent shape compared to many people I know.  Like most runners, I ran–a lot–and even completed my first marathon in early 2010.  Realistically, I am not a podium finisher but I can hold my own in local 5K races to place at or near top of

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WOD: 21 Deadlift (135,225) No more than 60% of 1rm., 800m. Run 15 Deadlift, 800 m. run 9 Deadlift, 800m. run NUTRITION: Why eating animals makes everything easier “By converting to an animal fat-based metabolism, you are returning to the ancestral human fuel source. And the best way to switch to fat burning is to start

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Paul W.

May 2010: I had recently run the 500 Festival Mini Marathon and gave away our youngest daughter Lisa to Ryan Koontz at their May 22nd wedding. Shaun just happened to be best man. About a month later, my new son-in-law Ryan calls me one Saturday morning and says; “Shaun is doing free CrossFit workouts at

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Jen R.

I initially became aware of CrossFit through everyone’s preferred voyeuristic medium, Facebook.  A childhood friend of mine started CrossFitting at her local affiliate, and I became intrigued by her constant status updates and the pictures she posted. The more I Facebook-stalked her CrossFitting experiences, the more I wanted to know about it.

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Andy W.

My story begins with Pam coming home and talking all about strange things like burpees and box jumps and how supportive everyone one was. I decided it was time for me to try this On Ramp thing. I have to tell you, I thought I was in pretty good shape but was I ever proven

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Pam W.

I became familiar with CrossFit from a friend who went all the time to a different gym but never thought it was something I would get into. Then I met Shaun and Jenna at a networking event and learned more but still thought…me lift weights? Yeah, no. Last fall I was putting together a silent

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Ryan B.

In an attempt to avoid too many mundane details, I will just say that I have a multisport athletic background. By the start of On-Ramp, many years and pounds of fat had found themselves between me and that background. After college I went to work, got married, and made babies. Oh yeah, and sat down

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Katie H.

CrossFit came into my life out of unhappiness and chance over two years ago. At the time, I was unhappy about the “college weight” that I had put on but yet had no motivation to go the SRSC and workout for an hour or two on an elliptical or stationary machine. Needless to say I

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Ibrahim D.

The first time I heard of CrossFit was from my brother, Jermey, a long time ago.  He started CrossFitting 6 years ago, and every time he came home with his wife, we would do a WOD.  I never understood what CrossFit was, besides a type of workout.  My first workout was the “Filthy Fifty.”  It

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