Paul W.

May 2010: I had recently run the 500 Festival Mini Marathon and gave away our youngest daughter Lisa to Ryan Koontz at their May 22nd wedding. Shaun just happened to be best man. About a month later, my new son-in-law Ryan calls me one Saturday morning and says; “Shaun is doing free CrossFit workouts at Bryan Park, want to come with me?” I said sure, I’ll try it.

After all, I just completed my best mini marathon time in Indy. I can handle this workout no problem. After a short explanation by Shaun of what CrossFit was all about, some warm-up and stretching, I was ready to go.

The workout was only 12 minutes long. How hard could it be? Well, I’ll tell you. I struggled with every part of the workout, and I could hardly move for three days. I was embarrassed and mad at myself. I thought I was in better shape than that. CrossFit must be for the younger crowd. (I’m 53.)

Not one to be a quitter, I kept doing the workouts for the remainder of that summer in the hot, humid, and dry weather we were having. I was able to recruit my buddy Terry to join me, and together we started to survive the workouts. Fast forward to October, and we find ourselves helping out with painting in the new gym and signing up for the very first On Ramp class. From that time forward, I have been working out with the help of Shaun and Jenna 3 to 4 times a week. I have learned more about fitness with these guys than I have learned in my whole life. They really know their stuff. I have become stronger, have more endurance, and have lost weight. My wife and I are currently six weeks in to the Paleo diet, and it really works folks; feelin’ great and losin’ weight!

Hoosier CrossFit has provided me with a workout routine that is perfect for me. Although classes are usually 8 to 10 people, I always feel like I’m working out with a personal trainer, because I am. Shaun and Jenna’s attention to detail, instruction, and motivation is fantastic. They don’t settle for anything less than you’re very best. “Take a big breath and go Paul”, “that squat didn’t count, get your butt down”, “smooth is fast”, “your form was great today”. Their coaching really motivates me, along with the encouragement of my fellow crossfitters. I have met a lot of the 80+ members, and they are all great people. Special thanks go out to my 6am buddies; you guys and gals are always helping me out and encouraging me to work hard to the end. Shaun and Jenna, thanks for making Hoosier CrossFit the best gym in Bloomington. And for anyone out there who is considering giving CrossFit workouts a shot, what are you waiting for?! You will be in good hands. See you at the gym.


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