September 2014


“Instead of backing off and allowing nature to heal the damaged area over an extended period of time, I use the methods Wright and Ziegler recommended: immediately do something to feed blood and nutrients to the injured body part. The main thing I stress to all of my athletes when they get hurt is to […]

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This 6 weeks will be a combination of strength building of the main power lifts, Back Squat, Shoulder Press, Deadlift with a 5’s, 3’s and 2’s week, as well as complimenting this with speed work on the olympic lifts with snatch/clean and jerk OTM work and shorter more intense traditional CF workouts. WOD: (six-week cycle

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Saturday and Sunday

Sat. Sept. 27. Gym closed: Naptown Bracket Buster + Kentuckians Fittest Head to Indy or New Albany, Indiana to support your HCF Athletes! Stay up to date on how they are doing on Facebook! Sun. Sept. 28. Bracket Buster Day 2 2:30p LuRong Paleo Challenge WOD make up

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WOD: LuRong Paleo Challenge WOD #1 13 Minute AMRAP: 10 minutes of work time with 3 minutes of built in rest time. The athlete’s score is the total number of reps completed. 4 Minutes of Max Calorie Row 1 Minute Rest 3 Minutes of Chest to Bar Pull Ups 1 Minute Rest 2 Minutes of

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“I love the phrase “you become like the 5 people you are around the most, so chose them wisely.” It is a constant reminder to evaluate the type of people I chose to associate with. Some friendships are straight toxic, whether it be the type of person they bring out in you or the situations

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WOD: A. Three sets of: Turkish Get-Ups x 2-3 reps each arm Rest 60-90 seconds Russian KB swing x 20 Rest 60-90 seconds Side Planks x 30-45 seconds each side Rest 60-90 seconds B. Alternating Tabata 20 on x 10 off x 8 rounds Handstand hold (box, wall, free standing) active bottom squat static chin

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WOD: (LuRong Paleo Challenge WOD 2) 9 Min AMRAP: Complete as many reps of possible in the time limit of the following movements: Ground to Overhead (G2OH) Bar Facing Burpees MEN’S Movement Details Level III (3) 20 G2OH- 95 lbs 7 Bar Facing Burpees 15 G2OH- 135 lbs 7 Bar Facing Burpees 10 G2OH- 155

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“We love seeing the improvement and the confidence it brings to athletes as they realize that they are capable of so much more then they used to be. Why do we test and retest? To realize our potential and build a better you!” Why Do We Retest? WOD: (6 week cycle re-test) Attempt PRs with

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“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus; and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.” Bruce Lee WOD: For time: 50 deadlifts (75,115#) 50 walking lunges (25 per

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