October 2015

Saturday and Sunday

Sat. Oct. 31. Happy Halloween! All Day: Romp at Riddle Point. 11am: Team WOD with Andrea. Sun. Nov. 1. 2pm: November BAF FREE community workout 3:30pm: local farmer coming in for a short presentation on food labeling. It’s free and anyone members and non-members can come to it.


WOD: A. Shoulder Press 5×3 building to find your 3rm for today. *after warmups, goal would be to finish at 85% or above of your 1 rm. loading for working sets would look something like this: 1. 65% 2. 70-75% 3. 75- 80% 4. 80-85% 5. 85%+ B. Accumulate 3 Minutes Of Hollow Body’s Every …

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WOD: A. Russian KB swing progressions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUpSFguwRQM B. AMRAP 7 min: ascending ladder adding 4 each round of lunge/swing 4 walking lunges (total), 4 Russian Swings (53/70#) 8 walking lunges, 8 russian swings 12 walking lunges, 12 russian swings 16 walking lunges, 16 russian swings 20 walking lunges, 20 swings 24 lunges, 24 swings…


WOD: A. Deadlift 3×3 building to find your 3rm for today (doesn’t have to be touch and go) *after warm ups, goal would be to finish at 85% or above of your 1 rm. loading for working sets would look something like this: 1. 75- 80% 2. 80-85% 3. 85%+ B. PRACTICE for 10 minutes: …

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WOD: In teams of 3, complete five sets (20 min.) for max reps/calories of: 60 seconds of Rowing (for calories) 60 seconds of Dumbbell pushup + row (1 pushup + R row + L row=1) 60 seconds of Barbell shoulder-overhead (75/55 lbs) Rest 60 seconds Teams get one erg, one set of dumbbells and one …

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Session 7: This will be an 8 week cycle emphasizing strength biased days (squat, pull, push) along with speed strength- olympic lifts and heavier metcons: read more here.  While still concentrating on strength, the core workouts will be couplets and triplets producing better GPP: read more here.  Each week will have 1 longer (15+ min) workout that will …

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Saturday and Sunday

Saturday. Oct. 24.  10a: Olympic Lifting: Clean and Jerk 10a: CF light. 11a: Prep for Anniversary Party. 12p: 5 year Anniversary WOD. 1p: 5 year Anniversary party/get together. Sunday. Oct. 25. REST DAY. * NOTE: New start of cycle test is Monday Oct. 26. A. Mobility and Maintenance * Choose 1-2 Thoracic Mobility Drills from …

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WOD: A. Skill for today’s movements. B. 4 sets, NOT for time: Romanian Deadlift x 6-8 reps @ LIGHT load Rest 60 seconds Turkish Get-Ups x 4 reps each arm Rest 60 seconds Double-Under Practice x 60 seconds Rest 60 seconds


WOD: Skill: Dips: Box, Bar, Ring. The ‘Position’: Bar Dips , Ring Dips 1. Straight bar: static hollow body hold w/ external rotation. 2-3 rounds of a 10 second hold. *Modify to basic box dips if individual cannot do the static bar hold- all positioning still stays the same. 2. straight bar dip with press …

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WOD: Every 2 min x 24 min: (3 rounds) 1. Easy row- concentrating on stroke rating and breathing. 2. Sled push- walking pace with light-mod load. 3. Pushup to T. 4. KB farmers carry. light-mod load, resting bells at each width of room.


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