“If what you did yesterday seems big, you haven’t done anything today.”
-Lou Holtz

Congrats to Dillon Cole for entering the US Navy this afternoon. Dillon has been a member here at HCF since the fall of 2010 and has grown physically, mentally and has matured into a very hard working man. He is part of our original family here at HCF and we wish you Good luck in all your future endeavors and remember that you have the physical and mental strength to push through anything that comes your way.

WOD: Dillon’
800 meter Run, 80 KB swings (35,53#)
400 meter run, 40 KB swings
200 meter run, 20 KB swings

4:15 Open Gym/ Competitor:
Open gym: take advantage of working on your weaknesses, mobility or make up a WOD.
Endurance WOD: Follow todays CFendurance.com WOD
Competitor: Power clean + 2 clean – 65% x 2 sets; 70% x 3 sets
Snatch balance – 60% x 3 x 2; 65% x 3; 70% x 3 x 2
Push press – 75% x 5 x 5

7 Responses

  1. Nancy

    Best of luck Dillon! I agree with the others – you’ll be missed. (Helluva WOD you inspired!)