Pull-Up Virtuosity: Part 2
By Laurie Galassi

Kipping skill work: Hollowbody hold on pull-up cage. Kipping swing/Banded kipping swing. Kipping swing with hand release. Kipping pull-up (emphasis on hip drive-pull + push away at top). cycling reps- putting everything together and keeping everything tight.
P1. Warmup up to 70% of 1 rm deadlift. (round to the nearest whole number: ex: if your deadlift is 175, 70% is 122.5#, round to 125#.)
P2. 12 min: Death by deadlift+ pull-up. every minute on the minute: 1st min: 1 deadlift (70% of 1rm), 1 pull-up, 2nd min: 2 deadlift, 2 pull-up…(once you fail begin back over at 1, ex: if you make it through minute 5, but cannot accomplish minute 6, at the top of the next minute start back over at 1 and 1. time ends at 12 min.