My Story: Deena A.


My Story: Deena A.

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“Shake off the feeling of defeat and come back the next day with a kick-ass attitude just might be the day you break through.”

Deena’s story is one you might be able to identify with. As a mom in her 40s with a full-time job, she started CrossFit because it was new and exciting. Her story includes highlights of success and times of defeat, but ultimately, she is an inspiration because she never gave up.

Deena celebrated her 2 year anniversary with Hoosier CrossFit on October 15, 2014.  “I really loved CrossFit from day 1,” she recalls.  This didn’t prevent her from being intimidated of CrossFit though.  Deena reflected on her experience over her first year; after a few months, she attended classes sporadically, observed others pass her in performance, and missed opportunities for personal records.  She even admitted to cherry-picking, when you choose the workouts that aren’t that bad or simply favor your strengths.  “I knew that I wanted more out of CrossFit than what I was getting.”  At this moment, Deena asked the coaches for advice; she encouraged to attend classes 4-days a week and to get comfortable to being uncomfortable.  “Heather was consistent at pushing me to use heavier weights.”  She would say, “Try that,” and although it was a challenge, I could do it!  Heather would say, “That is your weight from this point!  No going back.”  It didn’t take long for her to get compliments from other members in the gym and notice more muscle definition in her body.

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To continue to see her goals through, Deena signed up for the CrossFit Open starting in the Spring.  She accomplished RX weights she didn’t think she could do, and experience the camaraderie you feel when being a part of a team.  She went on to participate in CrossFit Carmel’s Gorgeous Ladies of CrossFit competition in April and the Barbells for Boobs fundraiser competition at CrossFit Naptown that happened this past October 11th.  We are so proud of you, Deena, and ca’t wait to see what you do next!

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