New Years Eve


New Years Eve

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Top 10 “Words With Lisbeth” Posts of 2012 (by number of views)

Have a Great end to your 2012 and we will see you all in 2013, back at it and ready to go!

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Skill: Rowing P1-3.

WOD: P1. EOMOTM for 12 min. Back Squat 3 reps @ 70% (focus on control down-speed out of the bottom) + immediately do 3 high box jumps 24-36”. (box jumps don’t have to be fast, just smooth and explosive)
*Partner 1 lifts on the odd minutes, partner 2 lifts on the even minutes, 6 rounds per person.
P2. Alternating Tabata. 20 seconds on x 10 seconds off x 16 rounds: Box Jumps (20,24”), abmat situps