Programming & Competitor WODs


Programming & Competitor WODs

This is a short post describing how Hoosier CrossFit (Shaun) Programs weekly WODs for our members and also is a short description for those interested in competing in CrossFit competitions & Participating in our Competitor WODs.

CrossFit group WODs
To make a long explanation short our goal is to broaden your scope of training movements to improve GPP (general physical preparedness).
A good read and description that I closely believe in. Constantly Varied Programming By Dave Castro. “CrossFit is about constantly varied training, but that doesn’t mean the training is random.”
This is what we do at HCF.
Each week we have a base skill movement we are trying to get everyone to perform better. 3-4 days out of a 5 day week we work on skill progressions of that movement adding in more time and coaching to increase competency of that movement. (Ex: double-unders)

From there our weekly programming is on a 5 week rotating schedule so that everyone in the gym gets to main strength and metabolic conditioning workouts that I think are important. This 5 week cycle looks like such.
We are currently following a strength cycle that closely relates to the conjugate method that Louis Simmons uses from West Side Barbell, but with some modifications and additions.
Each week there are 3 strength days (squat, press, pull) where the first week there are 2 max effort lifts (heavy-slow) and 1 dynamic effort lift (light-fast) and the following week it switches to 1 max effort lift and 2 dynamic effort lifts. These strength days are paired with shorter, 10 min or less metabolic conditioning pieces. The other 2 days of the week are metabolic conditioning based, but still may have a strength component in them. 1 day is a 12-18 minute WOD and the other is a 20+ minute WOD.
This cycle rotates through for 5 weeks so that you are never hitting any 1 particular lift, movement, or time frame the same day of the week. Ex:
Week 1: Mon: Strength. Tues: Metcon. Wed. Strength. Thurs: Metcon. Fri: Strength. (SMSMS)
Week 2: Mon: S. Tues: S. Wed. M. Thurs: S. Fri: M.
This Cycle rotates through so that Fridays move to Monday and each day moves down a day and this repeats for 5 weeks total.
(S=Strength, M=Metabolic Conditioning)
Movements: We train EVERYTHING, from gymnastics, weightlifting, power lifting, plyometrics, lifting odd objects, carrying odd objects and so much more, in as many different combinations as possible including but not limited to; short, low rep, heavy workouts. Long, low rep, heavy workouts. Short, high rep, heavy workouts. Short, low rep, light workouts… etc., etc., etc. I mix these elements of time frame, reps, movement and load in a constant variance to work on both strengths and weakness of those in our community to increase everyones GPP.

Competitor WOD or CWOD.
You will find these workouts posted 3x per week on Tues, Thurs, Sat/Sun. These workouts are intended for those looking to participate at a competition level within CrossFit and are to be completed during open gym times outside of regular training. These workouts are also in correlation with our regularly scheduled daily WODs and will include more technical movements to competition standards and will have a base of Endurance, Olympic Lifting/Strength, Gymnastics and Metcon’s including all of the above.

Look to the daily WOD postings beginning Tuesday Sept. 4 for the first cycle of competitor WODs.

Mobility/ Recovery + Nutrtion & Hydration!
Everyone must include 10 min EVERYDAY of mobility work to systematically begin to address their nasty tissues and grody joint mobility.