Reality Check

Skill: Kipping. parts 1-6.

WOD: P1. Clean progressions. 1. pulling positions (high hang, mid thigh, below knee, floor) cue from floor position-deadlift shrug into hips. 2. burg WU. dip shrug, scarecrow, muscle clean. 3. landing positions. hang clean to: 2”, 4”, 6”
P2. Max Effort Power clean
warm up in sets of 2 until 2 repetitions get heavy (3-5 sets, incrementing weight between 40-80%) and switch to a single rep working up to 4-5 single repetitions of between 90-100% of your max. Go for a new 1rm if positioning is good and weight feels good. (If you reach a new max before all 4 single lifts are complete, stop there- goal is to just break your old 1 rm if lifts are feeling good)
P3. Once you reach a max complete 75% x 2 x 3 (2 reps every min on the min for 3 min)

CWOD: P1. PRACTICE for 10 minutes:
Handstand Hold Against Wall
Freestanding Handstand Hold
P2. PRACTICE for 10 minutes:
Handstand Forward Roll
Handstand Forward Roll Progression