“You are a living, breathing, functioning human being with no excuses; the sooner you get out there and start acting like it the better. Your body has no concept of dates or times, so the idea that it will be easier for you to start training January 1st is plainly ridiculous. All you are doing is putting it off. Make your resolution, do your research, and get excited about starting as soon as possible.”
5 Reasons To Start Your Resolution Before Jan. 1st

We had a full house at this weekend's Bucket WOD!

We had a full house at this weekend’s Bucket WOD!

P1. EMOTM until working sets cannot be accomplished (rest 1 min if you fail, then begin again) or 10 min max:
5 body rows (tight smooth movement)
3 kipping pull-ups (regular assistance)
1 strict pull-up (regular assistance or strict- no weight)
P2. Back Squat 5 rounds x 1 rep. Increasing each single to a heavy 1 rm.
*warmup with lighter loads for 2-3 reps
then begin singles at; 60,70,80,90,100+%.