Wednesday Happenings:
10a-2pm Jenna and Shaun will be at IU for an internship fair.
If your a student interested in gaining college credit for learning about CrossFit come visit us at the IU school of health! SPH/HPER 163.

4-7pm We will be hosting a team workout for CampusFit at Upland Brewing Co.!
Today at Upland Brewing Company, Campus Fit brings you “Buff-N-Brew!”
Come join the college fitness lifestyle movement as we kick-off our 1st Annual Fall Fundraiser!!! Live DJ (DJ Jewelz of Atlanta aka Julius Hanks), Bakari Taylor (former D1 basketball star) on the mic, Food, Brew, AND an obstacle course designed and hosted by co-owner/head-trainer Shaun Tieman of Hoosier CrossFit!!

Skill: Handstands P.1-3.

WOD: P1. EMOTM for 10 min: 3 Deadlifts. Each set should be heavy, increase weight as necessary. (weight should relatively heavy and become increasingly heavier and more challenging, 65%-90ish%.)
P2. Tabata situps. 20 seconds on x 10 seconds off x 8 rounds. post high and low score.