Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner

Welcome to the first installment of the HCF Coaches Corner! Each Sunday one of the HCF coaches will make a blog post to talk about whatever they have on their minds to share with the community!

‘Going through the motions’- By Shaun.

go through the motions (idioms dictionary)

Fig. to make a feeble effort to do something; to do something insincerely or in cursory fashion. ‘Jane isn’t doing her best. She’s just going through the motions.’ ‘Bill was supposed to be raking the yard, but he was just going through the motions.’
We find ourselves from time to time just, “going through the motions” of everyday life, from the point of waking up and going through the same old routine, going to work/school and shuffling through the endless piles of paperwork/busy work, going to the gym and doing ‘kind of what the coach says’, but not with your full effort.
The mechanics of life should not be confused with the content of life. It’s easy to go through the motions: get up in the morning, brush your teeth and begin the day with a calm and self-assured outward appearance. I know how to say the right things and what to do, and not to do, that will create a favorable impression. I know how to feign that I’m engaged and interested, but underneath the polished exterior theres something more.
What separates those who are ‘going through the motions’ vs. those who are excited and living for more?
We need to be honest when the realization smacks us in the face that we are moving, but not really going anywhere. It’s time to be real with ourselves, No more pretending, No more going through the motions. It’s time to take hold and begin living with excitement and zeal.
Here are 3 things I suggest you add to your life to make you feel alive and excited to pursue the day ahead rather than trudge through the daily grind as you did yesterday and the day before that, and the day before that… you get the picture. 

1. Try 1 new thing everyday.
A. Try a new food for breakfast you would have thought you would NEVER eat- excite your senses and make your palette and mind see the possibilities of new food.
B. Help out a co-worker/classmate with a task you have seen them struggling on and really work at making a difference.
C. Show up early/stay late at the gym and work on what scares you. Ex: 100 wall balls for time :).
2. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
If your only ever doing what your used to and comfortable with, there will never be a new excitement to make you sit on the edge of your seat with that wide eye and fluttering heart feeling. As you go through #1, decide on making it something that may scare you, or think you may not be able to do. Stepping into the unknown and accomplishing what you thought would be impossible builds new confidence and excitement in your every day life!3. Share and bring others into your new excitement.
By being part of something new with someone else (or a community of people) It will help to keep you, and the others your involved with, excited to pursue your new exciting things! Sharing the new projects or work ideas with your co-workers/classmates, doing something new or exciting with your family and loved ones, or starting a new routine or trying a new movement at the gym with your buddy, will all help you to stay committed to your new ideas and share in your successes with each other.

So whatever your daily ‘motions’ are currently, find a way to spice it up and share in the pursuit with someone else who can build you up and be part of your new excitement.
At life- live to the fullest with hard work and dedication , at work-deligently pursue that project or task and show your boss you care about what you do, at the gym- dominate that Backsquat and PR that shit, whatever it may be, do your life with vigor and tenacity.



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