This is me. I CrossFit.
I do something that most people do not.
Most people (especially women, it seems) do not pick up a barbell or a kettlebell on most days. Or climb a rope. Or flip themselves inverted on the rings. Heck, most people do not even do sit-ups, or real honest-to-God straight plank chest-to-deck push-ups.
But I do.


Mobility: in regards to what your doing for the day.

WOD: Make up/skill/Goat day:
Part 1: Sprints: 50m., 100m., 200m., 400m., 800m., Bonus 1600m. (rest 90-120sec. between rnds.)
Part 2: Back Squat. [email protected] 75%. [email protected]%. [email protected] 95%.
Part 3: Gymnastics skill work: 10 min.
Part 4: GOAT. AMRAP 15min. 2-3 weaknesses