Coach, I Totally Get It Now!
Matt Foreman

WOD: P1. 3 Position Clean.
Incrementing each round to a solid heavy set.
P2. 80-90% of your heaviest from part 1.
AMRAP 5 min. Cleans

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  1. Denise

    Great article!!! Thing is what Shaun and Jenna say is constantly playing in my mind, not going to waste, but sometimes there is a little nugget someone else says that puts the whole picture together for me. I take in what everyone says and try to complete the puzzle with all the pieces (there are some pieces you have to toss out though :)) This is so true in many aspects of life…learning is multidimensional…verbal, hands on, sight, reading, trial and error…our minds are constantly absorbing information. Keep up the great coaching Shaun and Jenna…we do listen, our minds and bodies just have various and unique nuances to learning.