In House Throwdown


In House Throwdown

In-House Throwdown: May 11, 2013

Every few months, HCF members get together to test their strength and endurance with 3 workouts in the course of a few hours.WOD #1: 5 minute clock. Perform 400 meter run, then amrap floor-shoulder-overhead (RX: 95/135 SCALED: 55/95)

WOD#2: 10 minute clock: 2 back squat + 1 shoulder-overhead

WOD#3: 5 handstand pushups, 10 burpee vertical jump, 15 pullups, 20 box jumps/steps, 25kettlebell swings, 30 sit-ups, 35 double unders, 500 meter row, then back down to 5 handstand pushups

Special thanks to our members who came out to have a good time and throw down on 3 WODs to test your fitness! Also thanks to Monica from Les Champs Elysees for donating her time to give FREE massages for the participants!
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