Luke M.


Luke M.

I have always been into athletics and therefore fairly fit.  However, my fitness went from one end of the spectrum to the other.  I would either hit the weight room hard for about 3 months and get big and strong.  With big and strong came “puffy” because my diet wasn’t all that great.  Also within this 3 month period I would peak and/or plateau in my strength because I wasn’t cycling lifts properly.  Eventually this would to lead to a week or so off and more “puffiness”.  So I would start running and the weight and “puffiness” came off, but so did the strength.  I would start to feel weak, which got me back in the weight room.  It became a cycle.

Luckily I heard about CrossFit.  It began with an email to Hoosier CrossFit requesting more info about their gym and how to get started.  Within a few days I had a one on one introductory session with Shaun.  In this session, I did a few reps of each movement so Shaun could evaluate my abilities. I thought that since I had been working out and performing these lifts for around 18 years, he would have no problem moving me right into group classes.  I was wrong and after just three one on ones with Shaun he showed me how wrong I was.  I wasn’t a mess or anything, but he did make little adjustments here and there that completely changed the movement for the better.  This impressed me to no end because it showed me that they know what they are talking about and that they really cared.

For me, the classes sealed the deal.  Are they hard? Absolutely.  However, the coaches scale each workout to fit each athlete’s ability/fitness level to make it tough yet possible.  Also surrounding each WOD the coaches lead the athletes through a series of mobility exercises to increase flexibility, reduce soreness, and create room in the joints so the body can get into proper position for the various workouts.

The community atmosphere in the classes is very helpful.  Although there are varying fitness, ability, and experience levels; everyone is going through the same struggle in their own way.  I found that it is important not to compare yourself to others (too much).  If you concentrate on one more pound or one more rep each time you go in then you will get better, in fact, you will surprise yourself.

Personally I am addicted!  I have had good WODs and bad WODs (performance wise), but I always leave the gym with a sense of accomplishment with thinking to myself, “I didn’t know I could to do that” and “I can’t wait to see what I can do next.” I am in the best shape of my life! I am stronger and leaner than I have ever been. I am eating healthy and sleeping better. With CrossFit you get the whole package.