“In my practice, I have had the opportunity to train some great athletes, soccer mom’s kicking butt like nobody’s business and everyone in between. Reflecting on the differences in the results, the glaring issue with success are excuses. The people who have and are getting great training are consistent and never make an excuse. The priority of these people is to lead a healthy life and with a strong body. They train as a matter of life and lifestyle. Consistency


It’s a CrossFit Day, not a snow day!

P1. EMOTM x 10 min: Odd min- max rep pull-ups, even min- rest.
Min 1: Max rep kipping pullups (doesn’t have to be unbroken, just completed within the min.)
Min 2: rest
Min 3: max rep kipping pullups…
*post 5 separate scores for total completed pull-ups
P2. Back squat make up: Make up which ever squat cycle you missed during last 4 weeks:
[email protected]%,[email protected], [email protected]%.
[email protected]%, 3 @80%, 3+ @90%.
[email protected]%, [email protected]%, [email protected]%.
[email protected]%, [email protected]%, [email protected]%.