Paleo Meals the Easy Way
Five Things You Can Do to Make Easy Paleo Meals All Week
Make sure to Check out: The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf

MOD: Mix

Mobility: prep on what your working on for the day: lower leg bits/overhead pos. Ring shoulders. Hip/Hamstring

WOD: Part 1: If you did not do ‘Helen’ on Friday this is your first priority.
If you did do Helen follow below..
Part 2: 10-15 min: Gymnastics development: Ring Dip/Muscle up : progressions
Part 3: Make up a strength you missed from last week
Back Squat. [email protected]%. [email protected]%. [email protected]%.
Deadlift. [email protected]%. [email protected]%. [email protected]%.
Part 4: If you have already accomplished all of the above: Tabata Squats 8×20:10