Monday, October 15


Monday, October 15

Have you seen our video about workout seasons? JiHye sprained her ankle; she didn’t do any jumping, running, or any other movement that would risk her ankle not healing.
1. She came to the workouts, regardless of the movement; if there was a movement she couldn’t do, she let us know so we can change it up.
2. She came to the workouts, consistently; JiHye kept her routine to feel good as a human. After a good workout, you’ll feel better, and most likely eat better.
3. In the end, she wasn’t less fit. She picked up where she left off. Today she did double unders after months of not doing them.
We will help you get through your workout season; may it be 1 month or 1 year, we are here for you.

3 rounds for time (18 min cap):
25 DB push jerks
50 Double unders
25 Weighted step-ups
50 Double unders

15 DB Shoulder-Overhead
30 Single Unders
15 Step-ups
30 Single Unders

Against a 2-minute running clock perform:
X Calories assault bike
Max reps of air squats